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Online roulette - the wheel of fortune of the virtual world

Roulette at GG.BET casino is a game transferred from real gambling establishments to virtual platforms. It is fully consistent with its predecessor, representing a spinning wheel with printed values. Each sector is painted red or black, and only zero is green. You can evaluate all the features of the game right now by placing bets in the entertainment hall.

Rules of roulette

After activating the roulette in the GG.BET virtual room, you need to place bets in accordance with the size of the deposit. Then try to predict where the ball will stop. To do this, specify:

  • A specific number or group of numbers.
  • Sector color (red or black).
  • Even or odd.

After pressing the Spin/Start button, the rotation of the wheel and the ball starts. After they stop, victory or defeat is determined. If the ball hits the cell you specified, then the account will be replenished with a reward in accordance with the accepted coefficients.

Popular game strategies

To increase your chances of success, choose a profitable strategy for yourself. The techniques have been tested by professionals who have left positive feedback about them. Among the options in demand at the GG.BET casino:

  • Martingale system. Make a simple bet (for example, on the color of the sector) and double it every time you lose. The first victory will cover the losses. But this requires a large deposit.
  • D'Alembert's technique. It is similar to the previous version, but in case of loss, the bet must be reduced, and in case of victory, it must be increased by one. The bet must be made on an equally probable event such as odd/even, red/black.
  • Fibonacci strategy. Following the rules, you must place a bet each time, which is equal to the sum of the two previous investments.

Each technique is interesting in its own way. But you need to decide on the option that appeals to you.

Varieties of roulette

Roulette is presented in several varieties, the difference of which lies in the execution and rules. This allows you to diversify your leisure time and enjoy the excitement. Among the main proposals:

  • European Roulette.
  • Common Draw Roulette.
  • American Roulette.
  • French Roulette Classic.

Games are created by manufacturers who have proven themselves on the positive side. GG.BET casino features projects from Amatic, Evoplay, iSoftBet and other companies.

Features of the game of roulette: bets, combinations

When playing roulette in GG.BET, you need to decide on the rates. Equally important is their size. The bottom line is that investments can be internal and external, this is clearly displayed on the betting table. Choose the appropriate option by moving the virtual chips to the central positions or from the very edge.

Depending on the type of bet, the reward is charged. For example, external ones are paid at a ratio of 2:1. More details can be found by opening the paytable.

Game Benefits

Playing roulette at GG.BET has a number of advantages. Among them:

  • Variety of offers.
  • The relative simplicity of the rules.
  • The presence of advanced options.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure and place your bet right now. Roulette has been and remains the queen of gambling, providing pleasant rewards.


Can I start roulette in GG.BET for free?

Yes, there is a demo mode for this.

What strategies are relevant for the game?

Professionals use Martingale, Fibonacci and d'Alembert techniques.

How to increase the likelihood of success?

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, test the roulette for free, choose a strategy.