Plinko is a popular game that brings exciting emotions of fast-paced rounds and opportunities for both casual and high rollers to join. Here is the basic data you should know about this game.

Genre Arcade
Number of lines From 8 to 16
Control type Manual and automatic
Support of demo version Yes
Minimum and maximum bet size 0.10 - 2,500 coins
Maximum win 2,500,000 coins
RTP From 97% to 99%
House edge 1.72%
Ability to play on the go Yes

First, this game appeared in land-based casinos, but with the development of modern technologies, it became an integral part of gaming sites. It is also favoured by many players at GGBet Casino where it competes with other instant games such as Aviator, JetX etc.

Plinko Pros and Cons

This game features obvious plusses as well as fair drawbacks, which should be considered before playing for real money.


  • Plinko is a simple casino game that does not require any experience or skills compared to, for example, poker;
  • Bets you can use vary within a wide range from 0.10 - to 2,500 coins, making this slot a perfect pick for risky as well as more casual gamblers;
  • Fast-paced rounds and a feeling of control over the game (for example, using different bets) contribute to creating a perfect gaming experience and form high engagement.


  • It is an RNG-based game where you can’t predict the next round outcome, which may lead to significant losses;
  • Plinko is definitely not a game for those who are looking for a strategic approach;
  • Game rounds are similar, so the game may get boring over time.

That is why it is better to test the game in advance using a Plinko demo mode and determine whether it suits you.

Special Features of the Plinko Gambling

Although it is a fairly easy-to-play game, it has several features you should consider for the maximum gaming profit. They are related to risk control and Auto Play options.

Risk Management

After you launch the game, you can choose among the following risk levels:

  • Low;
  • Medium;
  • High.

The game allows you to switch between them before the round starts. For this purpose, you only need to click on the appropriate button in the upper left corner of the playing field. A risk level directly depends on the number of pegs the falling ball hits on its way down to the bottom of the playing field. The more pegs – the risker game.

Game Mode

Like in most instant games, you may choose between manual and autoplay modes. In the first case, you fully control the gameplay and choose the bet size on your own. In the second case, you must set up the following parameters before you can start:

  • Number of rounds: 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 500, 1000;
  • Loss limit: x5, x20, x50, custom, no limit;
  • Single win limit: x10, x20, x75, custom, no limit.

After that, you just need to click the “Start Autoplay” button.

Plinko Payout Range

The sum you get directly depends on the color ball you choose and the particular slot where it will fall. Here is a payout table you may consider while playing Plinko online game.

Slot number from left to right Target from Target to Numbers range
1 0 0 1
2 1 16 16
3 17 136 120
4 137 696 560
5 697 2516 1820
6 2517 6884 4368
7 6885 14892 8008
8 14893 26332 11440
9 26333 39202 12870
10 39203 50642 11440
11 50643 58650 8008
12 58651 63018 4368
13 63019 64838 1820
14 64839 65398 560
15 65399 65518 120
16 65519 65534 16
17 65535 65535 1

As for the ball, they have the following values depending on the color:

  • Blue: 1.52%;
  • Yellow: 1.56%;
  • Green: 1.63;
  • Red: 1.84%.

Remember that you win if a ball falls into all slots with a multiplier of more than 1. You get your initial bet back if the ball lands in the slot with a multiplier of 1.

How to Play Plinko

Plinko's gameplay is easy, intuitively understandable, and implies the following steps.

  1. After launching the game, you must choose between Auto Play and Manual mode.
  2. Choose the risk level and a bet size. If you decide to activate an Auto Play mode, you must also specify the number of rounds that will be played.
  3. Click on the “Play” button.

After the round finishes, you decide where you want to increase/decrease bet size, change the play mode, or cash out winnings. Although the game seems simple, trying it in a free-play mode is better. It helps to adapt to the gameplay, understand some patterns, and get used to the game speed.

Plinko Win Strategies

As it was mentioned, Plinko is a gambling game with random round outcomes. It means no strategy can guarantee you success. However, several approaches may boost your chances for success or help you play more or less risky. If you are a highroller, you may set the highest risk and the maximum number of rows. In this case, you may expect a win of x3843,3 your initial bet.

You may set the minimum number of rows if you are a casual player. The lowest value here is x0.9, which means you may lose no more than 10% of your initial bet size. Also, this game is a perfect option to test the Martingale strategy. In this case, you must double your bet size every time you lose. After the win, you must continue the same pattern, but after lowering the bet down a level.

Also, you may try your luck with reverse Martingale. As the name suggests, you must double the best size after you win. Also, remember that you may lose a significant amount if you fall into a losing streak.

Test your strategy for free with our casino, or try your luck by playing for real money. With GGBet anything is possible!