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Motorsport Betting

There are many sports disciplines that involve the use of motorized vehicles - usually cars and motorcycles, but in the end it can even be airplanes or drones. All this falls under the category of motorsport. The most popular are motor racing competitions, but there are also non-racing competitions such as drift, trial and freestyle. In the field of motor sports, there are two main organizations - the International Automobile Federation (IFI) and the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM), they organize all the major competitions. Due to the large number of competitions and the presence of a wide variety of disciplines, you can always find an interesting event for betting with favorable odds.

Most Popular Motorsport Events

Among all types of motor sports, racing competitions are the most popular. Without a doubt, the most prestigious race is Formula 1, which has been held since 1950 and is the most popular in Europe. The competition uses the fastest open-wheel cars, which can reach speeds of 370 km/h. The series of main events is called the Grand Prix, since 2010 there have been at least 19 races in each season, held in different countries around the world. Another popular single-seat competition is the IndyCar, which is the most popular in North America. It has been running since 1994. Recent IndyCar seasons have included at least 15 races across the US. The most prestigious race is the Indianapolis 500. Other popular motorsports are MotoGP, the premier motorcycle racing competition, and NASCAR, a series of stock car racing.

Why are auto and motorsport competitions so popular with sports fans? Some people just love to watch cars race around the track at high speeds. Others appreciate motorsport because the connection between the driver and his vehicle plays a very important role in it. Watching a professional who squeezes all the power out of his motorcycle or car and filigree lays it on turns is really very interesting. When the best of the best participate in the races, then every race can be extremely exciting. The roar of engines, crazy speeds, adrenaline rushing in the blood, risk, accidents, successful finishes - all this makes watching motorsport races an extremely exciting process.

Motorsports betting

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