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Live bets at GGBET

Gone are the days when bettors could only bet before the start of a sporting event. As soon as the match began, the bookmakers stopped accepting bets. After that, the players could only wait for the end of the game and hope that they correctly predicted the outcome of the meeting. They could no longer make an additional bet on this game. However, today the situation has changed. The emergence of live betting has had a serious impact on the betting market and brought it to a new level. And bettors have new opportunities for betting. GGBET betting company is pleased to offer its customers a wide range of sports and eSports events for Live betting.

What is Live betting

Live bets are bets that can be placed during a match that has already started. For example, you can place live bets on a football match after the whistle has sounded announcing the start of the game. This allows you to significantly diversify the betting process. In addition, players have the opportunity to react to changes that occur during the game and place bets online on changing odds.

Live bets in GGBET

The official website of the GGBET company offers players favorable conditions for betting in real time. Players can bet live on popular sports including football, tennis, basketball, hockey, etc. For esports fans, there is a wide range of bets on Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite, FIFA and other popular games. Live bets are placed in a separate section on the GGBET website. There you can see the full list of current events that are available for betting right now. In addition, the "Upcoming" tab contains information about the matches that will start in the near future and will also be available for real-time betting.

In order to make the betting process as comfortable and exciting as possible, GGBET places broadcasts of matches on which you can bet on in the section with Live bets. Thus, players can follow the progress of the game and place live bets at the same time. There is also a mobile version of the GGBET service, which allows the company's customers to log into their account and place bets directly on their smartphone. For many customers, live betting allows you to bet with an increased coefficient and, if you win, receive large payouts.

How odds change in Live

Most sports and eSports events are available for both pre-match and live betting. GGBET sets certain odds for betting on the results of a match even before it starts. For example, consider a football match in which team A will play against team B. After evaluating the strength of the opponents, the results of past meetings and other factors that may affect the outcome of the game, the bookmaker will set the odds for bets on the victory of each team. These odds will reflect the odds of Team A and Team B winning, based on the bookmaker's score. Let's assume that team A is the favorite of the meeting. In this case, the bookmaker will offer a small odds on her victory and a higher odds on the victory of team B.

As soon as the game starts, it will be possible to place live bets on this match. Live betting odds can change many times during a match depending on how the game situation develops. If, contrary to the bookmaker's expectations, team B scores a goal in the first half and starts to beat the favorite, then this will instantly affect the odds. Even though the game is not over yet, team A is still the favorite of the meeting, but the bookmaker will offer a higher odds for its victory. Those bettors who believe that team A will be able to bounce back and finish the match in their favor can at this moment bet on the favorite with an increased odds. Accordingly, if such a bet wins, then the bettor can receive more money than if he had bet on the victory of team A before the start of the game.

What else affects the change in coefficients?

It's not just goals scored that affect odds. Any event that can occur in a football match can affect the change in quotes, for example, a red card, a substitution, and so on. In some sports, changes in quotes can even be affected by changes in weather conditions. In GGBET, the odds change automatically using a computer algorithm that constantly scans the game situation in real time.

Why are live betting so popular with bettors?

Many bettors give their preference to live bets, highlighting them against the background of pre-match bets. According to a number of players, the choice in favor of real-time betting is due to many factors. For example, it becomes possible to estimate the chances of opponents to win right during the game that has already begun. It is far from always possible to correctly assess the strength of the parties before the start of a sporting event. Even if the athletes have been intensively preparing for the competition, on the day the competition starts, one of the key players may fall ill and miss the game. As a result, the team will enter the field in a weakened composition. If you plan to bet live on this match, you will notice the lineup change and be able to react to it. In addition, during the match, some types of bets are opened that are not available in the pre-match. For example, you can bet on the winner of the next set in tennis or on which team will score the next goal in a match. Thus, bettors get the opportunity to place several very different bets on one event at once. Another argument that speaks in favor of live betting is the high speed of calculating winnings. Since bets are placed on those events that have already begun, then immediately after the end of the game, the bettor will be able to receive a win.

Live bets bring vivid emotions and allow you to get more pleasure from watching the match. Bet in real time on matches involving your favorite teams on the GGBET website and win!