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Esports betting at GGBET bookmaker

Sports betting has been a very popular phenomenon at all times. Even in ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantium, people bet on chariot races, gladiator fights and other fun that was common at that time. Nowadays, chariot competitions or gladiator fights are no longer held, and modern bettors prefer to bet on football, boxing, hockey or tennis. But over the past few years, a new sport has emerged that is attracting more and more bettors. We are talking about electronic sports, also known as e-sports. Even 10 or 15 years ago, esports was not widely known. However, today the audience of esports fans has more than 500 million people. E-sports stars earn as much as Grand Slam champions or NBA players. Such popularity could not go unnoticed by bookmakers. Therefore, in 2016, the GGBET betting company was one of the first in the world to start accepting bets on the results of matches in CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL and other competitive disciplines. Today GGBET offers one of the most favorable conditions for betting on online gaming competitions. For many bettors, GGBET esports betting has become an exciting hobby that allows them to receive payouts from winnings.

What is esports?

Esports are competitions in online computer games. Today in the world there are a huge number of computer games, which provide for the possibility of simultaneous play of several people with each other. These games vary by genre. The most popular genres are shooters, strategies, MOBAs, battle royales, sports simulations, etc. Depending on what genre the game belongs to, the gameplay, the number of players, game rules, etc. differ. But the basis for all competitive games is the victory over the opponent. Not all online games are eSports disciplines. The most popular and successful game projects such as CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, Call of Duty, PUBG, FIFA, etc. managed to stand out as a separate type of electronic sport. It is these esports disciplines that most often attract the attention of bettors. During major tournaments, bettors practically do not leave the GGBET official website, where they place their bets on the outcomes of eSports matches.

GGBET eSports betting

GGBET betting company is a recognized leader in eSports betting and offers bettors to bet on all popular eSports disciplines, including Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG, Hearthstone, FIFA, Overwatch, Valorant and other online games.

As a rule, several events are available for betting on each of the listed directions. Bettors can bet both on top esports competitions, such as The International or Worlds Championship in League Of Legends, as well as on local tournaments of a less prestigious level. Thus, even during the period when major competitions are not held, players get the opportunity to bet on alternative tournaments.

Esports is actively developing and periodically new competitive disciplines appear that attract the attention of bettors. BC GGBET follows the trends in esports and opens new directions for betting in a timely manner. Therefore, the company's customers are among the first to be able to bet on new types of electronic sports.

Live Esports

Live betting is especially popular with esports fans. This is due to the fact that most e-sports are highly dynamic. In Dota 2 matches, the initiative can switch from one team to another several times in one game. Experienced bettors use these "swings" to place bets with high odds on the victory of the lagging team. If in the future the course of the game changes, and the team on which the bet was made can win the match, then bettors will receive a big win. Thus, live betting is ideal for eSports, as it allows you to instantly respond to the rapidly changing situation in the game. In addition, in some games, for example, in the same Dota 2, the team's success largely depends on which heroes the players choose. You can find out the choice of players only after the start of the match. Thus, live betting allows you to better predict the outcome of the match, which means you can win more often.

Broadcasts of esports events on the GGBET website

You no longer need to search for live eSports matches, as you can watch the game on the GGBET website. This is very convenient, since the broadcast window is located on the same page where you can bet live. You don't have to switch between different tabs and waste precious seconds. GGBET has already taken care of you.

Esports betting bonuses

The bookmaker encourages the desire of its customers to bet on eSports, therefore, it regularly holds promotions dedicated to the start of a major eSports tournament or championship. For participating in such promotions, players receive bonuses. Using bonuses, players can insure their bet, receive additional money for a deposit, return lost money in the form of cashback, and even bet at the expense of GGBET. Thus, bonuses allow you to minimize losses and get bigger winnings from eSports betting.

The popularity of esports competitions and bets on them is growing every year. If you are interested in electronic sports and betting, then we recommend that you pay attention to GGBET. GGBET offers its customers a high-quality and reliable service for betting on all popular esports disciplines. The bookmaker offers consistently high odds for betting, a large selection of events and a wide range of outcomes. In addition, GGBET has a bonus program that gives bettors the opportunity to get more value from their bets. GGBET esports bets have been tested by time and thousands of users. However, we recommend that you independently verify the high quality of the service. Register on the GGBET website, get a welcome bonus and break into eSports betting!