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Beach soccer
Beach soccer

Beach Soccer Betting

At the moment, football is the most popular sport in the world, so it is not surprising that more and more of its subspecies are emerging. Among them, one of the newest is beach soccer, hich took shape as a professional sport only in 1992 in Brazil, when the first official set of rules was issued. They largely repeat the rules of traditional football, but have a number of significant differences. The first and most important feature is that beach soccer is played exclusively on the sand. And since it is physically much harder to play on sand than on grass, the football field was significantly reduced, and the duration of the match was reduced to 36 minutes (three halves of 12 minutes each). Each team consists of five players, they play barefoot. Today, there are many international and regional competitions around the world, which cannot but please those who are interested in betting on beach soccer, because there is always the opportunity to find a match with favorable odds.

Sports gaining popularity around the world

Although it all started in Brazil, today beach soccer is becoming more and more popular all over the world. The World Championship has been held since 1995, and at first it was held annually under the auspices of the Beach Soccer Worldwide organization. Ten years later, BCW joined forces with FIFA, and since 2005 FIFA has been organizing the World Cup, while the schedule has also been changed - now it takes place every two years. The first World Championship outside of Brazil was held in 2008, namely in Marseille, France. Since then, each championship has been held in a new location. Brazil, however, remains the leading country in beach soccer - it is their national team that is the leader in history, with 14 league titles. Other major international competitions are the Intercontinental Cup and the Mundialito. In addition, there are many regional confederations.

Beach soccer is often compared to classic soccer played on grass. Of course, beach soccer is not as popular as its older brother. However, competitions in this sport are popular among spectators. A number of sports fans single out beach soccer among their favorite competitive disciplines. According to them, technicality, high skill of players, as well as a relaxed atmosphere of a holiday are harmoniously combined in this sport. That is why many sports fans are looking forward to the start of beach soccer tournaments. And when the competition starts, they actively support their favorite teams and place bets on their victory.

Beach Football

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